Welcome Everyone! My name is Teresa Espinosa, and I’m on a mission to answer the Question “What is Hip Hop Dance?” I am a professional dancer with a background in party dances from the 80’s and 90’s to modern dance training during high school. Because I come from both worlds, I’ve always wanted to know how I “fit in”, and I mean, fit in the Hip Hop Culture/ Dance. So I’ve decided to make a site for those who love Dance and Hip Hop! I am welcoming everyone from the very opinionated to the ones just looking for answers, BUT I will request that all the comments be made from L.O.V.E.!! Sometimes we can agree to disagree, without calling people names! So please enjoy the site and let’s start talking about these things that I (and you) love…. Dance and Hip Hop.



  1. Hi Teresa,

    I thank you for making a blog as such as it can let us speak our mind about Hip-Hop Dancing and mostly everything that is related to it.

    From my point of view, Hip Hop Dance is a kind of dance that is mostly vibrant and untamed as so many moves and styles from it can be found. Although it can be taught and learned professionally, I believe that is a style everyone can do just by putting speaking in their ears, putting some music and letting themselves loose, loll.

    It has a rich history in it and throughout the course of its year of existence, it showed us something groovy, wild, passionated and never seen by the skills of many dance artists such as the Beat Freaks for example. And as we head forward to the future, I believe this style will be a fire that will keep us amazed with new tricks up its sleeves.

  2. Exactly…what is hip hop dance – to us at HSD it’s an umbrella covering all types of street styles. it’s something to call our culture, our classes.

    We try extremely hard at the school to teach a background of each of the elements of hip hop like break, street, commercial, poppin n lockin’ etc but its very difficult to explain quickly and effectively what hip hop dance is….

    Any thoughts?

    Jemfunk @ HSD

    Ps. Been a fan of The ‘Espinosa’ since velvet rope tour….awesome work!

  3. This is awesome Teresa!! Keep the blogs coming. It will be interesting to read.


  4. i agree with erik, i enjoy reading your blogs

  5. Everybuddy defines Hip Hop dance differently. Personally I’m not a hip hop dancer i’m a tap dancer, a jazz dancer, a ballet dancer, and a modern dancer. I’ve taken hip hop and what i think of hip hop that it’s a lot of fun and you can get a lot of good excercise out of it. also it helps you with other styles. it helps you build strength. every style of dance has its advantages and helps you improve in other things. So in your own opinion what is hip hop dance? Define it however you want! Your definition may be different from others but it’s not wrong. forget how the dictionary defines it. your definition is more important that others.

  6. THANK YOU for this! As a hip-hop dancer who originally came from the studio side, I visit this question all the time. I think what separates hip-hop dance from more traditional styles is that even though the soul comes from inside, and even though there’s a basic set of core moves, hip-hop often times requires an outside-in learning style.

    Ballet, the obvious contrast, often puts steps A, B, and C together, where A, B, and C are all part of a vocabulary that’s handed down from generation to generation. In hip-hop, there’s less of a regimented vocabulary (again, not saying that there isn’t a vocab), and it can be more challenging because people often learn from imitating.

    Freestyle also sets hip-hop dance apart from the mom and pop studio repertoire. Ideally, an accomplished hip-hop dancer can just as easily take the center of a cypher as she or he can execute choreo.

    Love your dancing! (And your hair.)

  7. Hey Theresa,
    I think this is great! I love when artists think out the box and create their own voice. I think Hip Hop is organic, sensual, hard, tough, angry, smooth, and loving all into one. When I dance I feel connected with the music and it makes me feel free. The hip hop culture has changed several times through out the years, but one thing that has always remained constant is the love of the music. THAT WILL NEVER DIE! True artist treat hip hop (all music) as a friend and confidant. I first fell in love with hip hop watching THE FLY GIRLS on In Living Color and I never looked back.

    -Aliya Perry

  8. Through the years, just like hip hop music, hip hop dance is becoming more and more difficult to define as it gets influenced by other genres and other genres get influenced by hip hop. It can’t be defined by the actual moves, but by the vibe. To me, hip hop is funky, fresh, soulful, inspired – it’s self-expression.

  9. Hey Teresa,

    Love the blog sweetie, can’t wait to hang in La when we move down there. Ya’ll Teresa is the sweetest frekin person ever. I met her at the groovaloo show in LA and she was amazing. She has been my dance idol since 1997/98 when she danced with Janet on the Velvet Rope. To meet her was truly the most amazing thing that ever happened to me.
    Love ya Teresa, i will text you or call you when we get to LA

  10. HipHop dance is Organized Urban Social Dancing…it draws on,& was created by combining the various social dances from the African American/Latino community…& is a direct expression of HIPHOP CULTURE…the original style that still represents the culture to this day,…is BBOYING!POPPIN,LOCKIN,WAACKIN…are it’s westcoast cousins…”freestyle”HIPHOP& HOUSE….it’s direct descendants!It’s a STREET dance..that is now taught in studios….but it’s core will always be STREET/URBAN….& the 800 pound gorilla in the room,that often gets ignored GHETTO!:D peace

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