What does Hip Hop mean to you? And what have you done 4 it lately?

I have so many thoughts in my head, about what I want to say and how I want to say it, that I had to ask both of these questions at the same time…. I Love and Respect the Hip Hop Culture. And I am fascinated, intrigued, empowered, amazed, entertained, and drawn to it. When I watch Bboys dance, I feel their passion and fuego to prove something. That’s one of the best parts about being at a jam, it’s so invigorating! I feel like I can accomplish anything just by watching other people dance. That’s such a powerful thing to have. And because I am a teacher of dance, I have this desire to share that power with my students or anyone who will listen! So this is my giving back… To any and all who consider themselves a “Hip Hop Dancer” I am requesting that you go see for yourself what I’m talking about. With the internet full of information, it’s so easy to do some research about its history and when to find the next Hip Hop event. You can go to:




Again, this is all being said out of L.O.V.E.!! Now it’s your turn to share 🙂



  1. wow, your so well spoken. im actually not a dancer, but i really am inspired to do what i do when i watch people dance (especially the beat freaks) or sing or do what they are passionate about. So i really just want to say thank you for being my inspiration 🙂

    • wow um nice comment love it

  2. I agree with you. When watching Bboy’s dance or any dance it inspires me to push myself to see what I can do. I think no matter what you do whether its dance, singing, or etc., you’re inspired to do the thing you love. You become fired up and find this new energy that you’ve never seen before. What’s the next thing you do with this new found energy or love you share with anyone who takes the time listen or watch.

  3. I just feel so free when I dance. I think that dance can be a channel through which we show our true and free spirit.. you know, it all sounds very klichée, but it’s never the less my opinion: When you dance you let go of that part of yourself that is constantly affected by the external structures around you, and all that is left is you and your movement. So the reason why it can be so amazing to watch other people dance is because you get to really see them as they are..see the rawness of the soul..the pure energy and emotion is fantastic – and this counts for every style of dance..as long as the dancer lets go of himself..
    yeah i dont know if i’m’ making any sense – I’m danish so maybe my point gets lost in the translation but i hope you get the picture i’m trying to portray here, and that it doesnt sound to corny..
    What have I done for Hip Hop lately? Well I believe that as long as people stay true to the history and spirit of the dancestyle that they’re involved with (like hip hop) you are a part of that community and culture – the point of dance is exactly that it doesnt depend on class, gender or anything like that, the beauty of dance is the look you get into a persons soul when they choose to share their movement with you….

    • 🙂 okayyyy 🙂

  4. WHat does Hip Hop mean to me?
    -Well, it was just as you said, to watch other dancers and just get this feeling in your heart, these butterflies in your stomach, the feeling that thrives through my veins from head to toe to just conquer the world. And it has always been like that for me, until just recently, i have finally experienced that feeling from my own body.
    My crew was dancing, and we were just all giving fire. I have never felt us dance so hard, with so much energy and fight in my life. I wouldnt care to be paid for anything, or to recieve anything for that feeling. I just want to experience that feeling a million more times in my life. I just felt the intensity of the chemistry, al the work we put in,all the fights from different ideas because were nto willing to settle, since we care so much, we all pour everything into it. And i FINALLY felt what Hip Hop meant to me, not by watching someone elses beautiful artistry, but by dancing my own.

  5. I so follow what you say.
    On the ABDC3 Finale package..when you were pouring your heart out about pushing for your dream, just do it, dont make excuses. Your speech you gave gave me SO MUCH inspiration and it still does, I Praise you so much for that! I could go on forever on how I love you and the beatfreaks , and how I know all the ABDC performances choreo by heart, and everything else, lol 🙂

    Back to the speech tho :p , after your were speaking it really helped me to strive..and not just dream a dream, but to live a dream. Now I have my own studio in my garage, and I try to practice whenever I can for HOURS daily. It gets discouragin at times, but whenever I look at choreo from any of the beat freaks, it always gets me back going.

  6. Hip hop is celebration of life , it´s CREATIVitY! it´s Strengh, passion!! It´s a way of living. TO BE REAL to express whatever you feel… to use any clothes you like! Huge or tight, black or colorful… you don´t have limits in here.
    i dare to take differents styles, play with new movemntes… wear different clothes.
    And try to expose this to all I touch…

    Hugs from argentina Teresa!

  7. So I got an email about the interview strife tv did on this subject and was completely intrigued. So here I am about to explain how I feel on this subject. Hip hop is composed of 5 elements: Bboying, Graffiti, Culture/Knowledge, DJing, and MCing. Now of course there are branches such as beatboxing, popping, locking etc. However, to put it simply, since this is a complicated issue, to be recognized as part of hip hop, you must AT LEAST be aware of such elements. If you give a little test to most people who associate themselves with hip hop, I doubt half will pass. It’s quite sad really. I’ve been bboying for about 4-5 and although I know a lot about hip hop, there is SO much more to learn. It’s shows like ABDC that are ruining hip hop. Then there are people who participate in shows like this that are aiding to the destruction. Now, OF COURSE, hip hop dancers need to make money. That’s a given. The question, is at what cost? We’re being exploited and most are OK with it as long as there happy. Oh well though. Also, may I add that Bgirl: The Movie, has to be one of, if not the worst example of bboying/hip hop in modern day entertainment. Avoid this movie. If you want great information on hip hop, may I recommend you visit superbbeatshow.blogspot.com.

  8. Hey Teresa,

    I only saw the “mash-up” Strife interview with you and Poppin Pete last night. The thing that I love most about it, is that it underpins what the whole point of your blog is – dialogue! Facts v. Opinion, Rigidity v. Flexibility – all of which are aspects of Hip Hop in general. There are some that apply it very strictly, i.e. only focusing on the main elements – breaking, graffiti, MCing, DJing. And then there are others who, for lack of better phrasing, are less strict, because ultimately Hip Hop is a movement of expression. Obviously, it started out as being a little more political than what it is today – where the music focused on social issues that affected the marginalised.

    That’s neither here nor there. I love the argument, because it allows you to think about things and not only question what Hip Hop has become, but you question yourself as well. Where you stand in the grand scheme of (Hip Hop) things! It’s very much a postmodernist problem, because we’re so bombarded with millions of different things on a daily basis – it clouds our judgement and throws us off our original game a little bit. It makes for a kind of identity crisis that occurs much earlier than our mid-lives. This is why we start second guessing ourselves, because there is an absurd amount of information – and not knowledge (huge difference) – and we don’t know what to take and what to leave. We start talking about it, which I suppose is healthy, but also dangerous, because of one main thing.


    An English teacher of mine used to say, “Language cannot explain ANYTHING outside of itself.” Something that I actually picked up from the interview when you said you had to call your class “Alternative Funk” – but that it doesn’t mean anything. Words are just words. Titles are just titles. Being boxed-in is still being boxed-in. And at the risk of sounding like a complete creepy-creepo – when I watch your YouTube videos, whether it’s your classes or with the Beat Freaks – there is one main element. You’re very uninhibited, hence not restricted, not rigid – on the other end of the Hip Hop spectrum. Since it is a movement of expression, it will always be subjective! No one can prescribe its do’s and don’ts to you. I also find it highly ironic that Hip Hop has always advocated for the individual to think for him/herself, yet is now suppressing that exact founding principle! There is probably a sense of imminent loss of essence in a world that is increasingly becoming “mashed.” But that does not meant that you now have to become too extreme in order to recapture the “realness” of Hip Hop – you don’t have to narrow it down and isolate one element as the be-all and end-all – it kind of defeats the purpose of the “expressive” part, don’t you think?!

    You have too many years of experience in this industry for someone to tell you that you’re doing it wrong. How wrong can it be, because you’re still here! From Velvet Rope to today – girl, you’re creating a legacy.
    And as a little side note, clearly the universe is trying to tell us all something because the song “Expressions” by Pebbles (South African Female Hip Hop artist) just came on, on my iTunes – and she says, “The good life is all about expression. So be yourself at all times, make no concessions. Who you are, you’re a star in your own right. So speak out when there’s something on your mind, don’t hold back, don’t be keeping it inside. You got to stand tall and proud. Say it out loud – I am me.” Corny right?! But fortunately, the shoe fits right now. And like you said in the interview as well, you have a (strong) opinion about this matter – so the shoe fits twice over!

    It is frustrating for everyone – whether you’re trying to hold on to a glorious past, or trying to shape a glorious future – grey areas are the banes of our existence. And I hear Pete – I hear him loud and clear! Talk is cheap and actions speak louder than words. We’ve said enough, it’s time to DO now. Fortunately for you, you’ve done it in reverse – or not even – your work speaks volumes, and therefore has the knack for killing two birds with one stone. You’re not sitting in front of the laptop and foaming at the mouth right now (like some people I know – ahem – *points at self*). Chances are, you’re probably Hip Hop dancing – or my bad – Teresa dancing! And that’s all that matters. Yep, creating that legacy.

    PS: Have you heard of the annual Splash! Hip Hop festival in Germany? It’s probably one of the biggest in the world. CunninLynguists, The Roots and Snoop Dogg are all known for having performed there. It’s a kind of congregation of the world’s best breakers, MCs, graffiti artists and the like once a year during June/July. The point I’m trying to get at, is that you should perform there sometime. You can also see what South African Hip Hop is like (and just in case you haven’t guessed it – I’m from there! Speaking of…you should drop by). The hubs of our Hip Hop culture are Cape Town and Johannesburg with African Dope Records, Prophets of Da City and the most amazing female group Godessa (kind of reminds me of the Beat Freaks, just in the MC form). Also Cashless Society, Optical Illusion, H2O, Hidden Force – some of whom have made their rounds at Splash!

    So in conclusion,
    Just keep doing you. No one else can.
    (Also, *she says shamelessly* visit South Africa – or Africa in general. Not necessarily to perform or anything. Just visit – it’ll change your life. Much like you and the Beat Freaks are changing mine).

    Peace. Love. Dance.

  9. for me hiphop is :

    -passion, i started to practice breaking 11 years ago, and i learn at every pratice, new moves, new feelings with the music, freestyle
    -education, “peace unity love and havin fun”, if you follow these words, then hip hop is a kind of education, but you have to follow these words with everything in the world. some people say peace to what they want but when they see new trend, they sais ‘that’s wack, ugly ot what you want” because it’s different of what they do.
    – melting of all cultures no matter who you are, where you from, hiphop is all cultures put together one.

    for the hiphop:

    i try to learn his history, share it for all the people who want to know.
    go down to the jam or to the club , dancing…

    there is a lot to say but these are the main things

    sorry for my english

    hip hop is not dead


  10. Hip hop for me it’s everything and nuthin, it’s the tool that I use to express my thoughts, I think that culture it’s a very close meaning, cause a culture it’s only a few people, it’s a way of life, a culture it’s something where people have things in common, and hip hop it’s not for a few people, it’s for everybody but it depends on ourselves to be on it, we have a lot of things in common but not everything, it’s to dialogue in a love way, it’s not a clothes style, i dont know, im just cant describe it very well cause hip hop taught me that could be everything and that could be nuthin. That is a duality and you could do whatever with that BUT conciousness abou what you doing.

    And what i´ve been doing lately it’s realize all of this, realize that i had ego before to think that i knew what i was doing and im accepting that, like starting from zero even when i´ve been on this more than 10 years, accepting that our minds can make us think we’re right, but i guess we not, we never right or wrong, we have to stop to put goods or bads to anything, hell or heaven, that’s what hip hop it’s been teaching me.

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